I am a Software Engineer, Musician & Creative who lives and works in Brooklyn, NY. 💾 ☯️ 👽

The purpose of this site is to stitch together my creative output in one place. Somewhere between a blog, a portfolio and a scratch pad. I wrote and designed this site from scratch. Not because I think that's the most efficient way of doing it, but because I wanted a site that gave me a reckless amount of creative control. It's also giving me a chance to play with a brutalist web design aesthetic.


Ive been writing Software professionally since 2006. I consider coding a creative act. Javascript/React are second nature to me at this point. I also write Java, Scala, Ruby and Python. Along with my own side projects, I've worked with Spotify, Elysium Health, Propellr, Reonomy and Victoria’s Secret. More about this on LinkedIn.


I do professional scoring and sound design for clients such as Steve Madden, as well as producing and performing for myself and other artists. I'm inspired by early Factory Records bands like Durutti Column, Eastern European Post Punk and Art Pop. I'm also a massive Reggae/Dub fan. You can hear my personal music here.